【DesignHubs】高端鋼筆 • KOSMOS Ink

繼上一款神作KOSMOS pen之外,今次的KOSMOS ink鋼筆更可媲美新的iPhone XS Max!高端筆尖加上優質墨水,極致的觸感將流暢度大大提升,帶來嶄新的書寫體驗。
KOSMOS ink is definitely the premium version of the award winning KOSMOS pen! Not only follows KOSMOS’s design spirit – innovative magnetic mechanism, minimalist design and high quality materials, KOSMOS ink comes with a magnetic self-aligning cap and a steel nib by the German company Peter Bock.
KOSMOS ink 的書寫長度達4000米,而且筆身共有兩款,一款採用五級鈦丶而另一款採用六級鋁,優越材料令KOSMOS ink更耐用。
The KOSMOS ink is precision-machined out of solid grade-5 titanium or grade-6 aluminium. These remarkable materials combine the highest durability with exceptional light weight.

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