【DesignHubs】傾斜檯燈 • Tilt

Tilt檯燈是Ed Heritage於Kingston School of Art修讀碩士學位期間的畢業功課。Tilt的獨特之處是鼓勵用戶和產品之間的互動。Tilt檯燈是可以前後傾斜,亮著的一面一旦接觸到底座,它就會亮起,一旦離開就切換成關閉模式。
Designed by Ed Heritage as part of his final project during his Master Degree at Kingston School of Art, Tilt is a special lamp which encourages emotional connection between the user and the product.
How does it work? The on and off function is incorporated as an interaction between the lamp and the users. When the position of Tilt is changing, the light will be switching from on to off or versa vise.
featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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