【DesignHubs】鑽石冰塊 • Jewel Ice

神奇的Jewel Ice將普通的一塊冰變成藝術品,除了令冰塊更美觀、生活多一點趣味,同時亦令冰溶化得比一般慢。530克拉鑽石的龐大外形可以選擇放入不同的配料或香草點綴飲品,增添一份驚喜。
Designed by a group of whisky drinkers, the Jewel Ice is the simplest way to keep your beverages cold without diluting the taste. The 530-carats diamond shaped mold offers a variety of brilliant shapes which adds a dynamic element to every glass and keeps good taste and good looks mutually inclusive.
Jewel Ice的矽膠模具可防止冰塊暴露於受細菌污染的冰箱裡,設計上還可以阻擋冰箱中的氣味和微粒。只要將獨立、密封的Jwewl Ice冰格填滿水、放入模具、並於冰箱中放置12小時後取出,無色、無味、晶瑩剔透鑽石形的冰塊就此形成。
The Jewel Ice uses a protective silicone mold that prevents the ice exposed to any bacteria; more importantly, the upper section is created to freeze first which can further block outside odors and unsanitary particles. Sounds complicated? It is not! With 3 simple steps – fill the water; insert the mold; take it out after 12-hours in the freezer, you can enjoy your Jewel Ice on-the-go every single day!

featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group


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