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研究顯示開放式辦公室因為私隱度極低,個個返工“扮”工,大大減低工作效率。有見及此,Pablo Design設計出Corner Office,一款靈活的桌面間隔牆,為嘈吵的辦公室提供有限程度的私隱、減低噪音、及提升專注力。
Studies have confirmed that open office can be inconvenient, uninviting and distracting. That is why Pablo Design has created the Corner Office, which acts as a flexible yet stylish desktop partition to enhance the flexibility and efficiency of open workplace by defining personal space.
除了人人都關注的私隱外,Corner Office還提供電源及LED照明裝置,而間隔牆用上可隔絕噪音的布料,當然不可忽略放置雜物的口袋,非常適合用於shared office和home office。
Apart from privacy, the Corner Office provides a glare-free LED lighting that incorporates power ports, a set of (optional) acoustic deterrent fabric panel, and an optional pocket accessory that provides a place to store your items. The system is perfect for shared desking groups as well as home office situations.
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