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年青的荷蘭設計師Elzelinde van Doleweerd與Leandro Rolon及David Doepel於中國開發的科技公司合作,用上創新技術解決廚餘和棄置食物的問題。Elzelinde透過大學Upprinting Food項目啟發了一個概念,發明出以剩餘食物利用3D打印技術重新製作、轉化為新的食品。
A graduate of Eindhoven University of Technology, Elzelinde van Doleweerd teamed up with a China-based 3D Food Company founded by Leandro Rolon and David Doepel to create food plates and bowls that are 3D-printed from leftover food. More surprisingly, the long lasting object is also a crunchy snack!
Having recognized the vast quantity of good that is wasted each day, Elzelinde turned the unnecessarily food into different paste that can be printed and baked afterward. She first mashed and mixed the ingredient together, followed by intensive grounding and sieving. A smooth paste is created which can be transformed into mesmerizing 2D geometric shapes or crafted into 3D objects. After baking, the food is completely dehydrated; in other words, neither water nor bacterial activity remains in the food and eventually, it becomes a long-lasting, crunchy cracker-like food.
featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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