【DesignHubs】銀包追踪器 • Ekster3.0

久不久就有新的Smart銀包推出,最新款的Ekster® 3.0。雖然他們不是第一次推出Smart銀包,但是,今次推出的可能是世界上最薄及最聰明的銀包,因為它有GPS追蹤功能,可以連接電話APP,用聲音作為密碼,方便大頭蝦的你。另外,Ekster® 3.0內置太陽能電池,只要在太陽下3小時就足夠兩個月的電量,新功能絕對沒有加添麻煩的叉電煩惱。
Ekster® 3.0 is the world’s slimmest smart wallet with voice-activated trackable system that get instant card access at the click of a button. With this advance solar-powered crowd-GPS tracker, you will never lose your wallet or phone again. Only 3 hours of sunlight and the battery will last 2 months.
當然作為全球最薄的銀包,Ekster® 3.0只有0.38 cm,只要一按掣就可以用到六張最常用的信用卡。此外,用上頂級皮製及RFID保護程式,可以阻擋外來電波偷取信用卡資料,Ekster® 3.0絕對不是只有外觀而沒有內涵的Smart銀包。
Starting at 0.38cm, Ekster® 3.0 is officially the slimmest smart wallet on the market. With the integrated card slider mechanism, you need one click of trigger to get your 6 most frequently used cards. Ekster® 3.0 is not only a fantastic accessory that you won’t / don’t want to lose, but it also helps you locate your stuff with ease.

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