【DesignHubs】白金矽膠食物容器 • Zip Top


一個集資超出了目標金額40倍的「it」產品,Zip Top是一個革命性的食物儲存器。 它不僅由100%矽膠造成、不含 BPA、鉛和 PVC 或是鄰苯二甲酸鹽,並且能使用微波爐加熱和放入洗碗機清洗。更重要的是,矽膠基本上可無限次重複使用,不易變形,不受熱或冷,而每一個Zip Top可減少5000+個夾鏈袋。
Zip Top is one of the most innovative yet functional “It” items of 2018. Made of 100% platinum silicon, Zip Top is a reusable container that will change the way you store, cook and even eat our food.


Zip Top的神奇之處在於它的材料和形狀的選擇。平底設計讓它可以放在桌子和其他表面上,頂部矽膠結構的拉鍊也比普通夾鏈袋更加安全,可做到密封效果,延長食品儲存時間。Zip Top非常適合外出用餐,只需拉開拉鏈,就可以看到一個敞開的頂部敞開的盤子,絕對是食物存儲解決的最佳方案。

Virtually indestructible, Zip Top is not only an endlessly reusable container, but it is also a stand-up, stay-open and zip-shut food storage bag. The zippered top requires no lid to neither store, lose, find nor clean. You simply pull the zipper apart and you have a stand-tall, open dish with a wide open top. It’s perfect for lunches at work, school and basically anywhere, anytime!


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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