【DesignHubs】太陽能燈籠 • QWNN

摺紙式太陽能燈籠QWNN的出現源於媽媽的愛。美國一間設計公司Solight Design的創始人 Alice Chun發現因為空氣污染,在紐約每 4 個孩子中就有 1 個患有哮喘,於是她決定開始研究太陽能技術,希望能通過有效推廣清潔能源改善污染。經過多年測試,團隊將太陽能技術的研究方向專攻簡易、緊湊、輕巧、易獲取的照明,除了改善環境亦為黑暗的災區夜晚點亮希望之光。
Based on the love of a mother, QWNN is a beautiful, origami-influenced design solar light, which harmlessly providing clean sustainable light and power to those who need them most. Co-found and CEO of Solight Design, Alice Chun uses the limitless power of the sun to offer clean, sustainable energy and can change the way we light and power our world.


QWNN的燈身封密,完全防水,外型如摺紙燈籠般,更可完全收納成一個平面,非常方便。QWNN每充滿一次電便可供照明48小時,並帶有USB插頭,可充當叉電器使用。 通過與眾多非政府組織的合作,Solight Design 為近 600,000 人的生活帶來光亮。
QWNN is not only made of natural elegance of the PVC-free Sail Cloth material, but it is also UV coated and military grade to withstand rigorous outdoor conditions. With up to 48 hours of continuous light and a built-in power bank for mobile charging, it is the perfect on-the-go companion!


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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