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來自阿姆斯特丹的創意產品設計公司Frolic Studio推出的Smartians萬能智能家居工具包,完美打造一套完整而所費不高的智能家居系統。Smartians工具包將一些簡單但無法避免的手動操作轉為智能自動化,如打開燈泡、向上或向下轉動音量旋鈕、替植物澆水或是捲動打開窗簾。
Designed and developed by Frolic Studio from Amsterdam Netherland, Smartians Collection is a cloud connected motor which can breathe new life into your daily products. With almost no setup, you can turn your home into a smart home in the most economically way.


Smartians 萬能智能家居工具包是由多款不同的微型執行器配件組成,配搭上齒輪、各種開關與連接頭,做出推拉、捲動、按壓、扭轉、旋轉等物理動作,另原本都一定得靠「手動」才能完成的事,現在只需要連上App、再搭上配件就能控制操作。
With different add-ons, Smartians let you push, pull, touch, pierce and anything your hands can do from afar. You only need to connect it to the cloud and you can control all the Smartians around your home!

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