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OWL paperlamps是一家來自葡萄牙的DIY造紙燈具商店,以摺紙藝術作靈感,設計出動物紙模型燈。設計師Hugo Formiga 和 Teresa Almeida兩人都是建築師,因此他們對比例、立體造型、線條很有概念,而且對美感的要求也不馬虎。OWL paperlamps讓紙藝與燈光完美結合在一起,雖然這些燈的光亮無法媲美於專門的燈具,但作為小夜燈則是兼顧了美學與實用雙重考量。

OWL paperlamps is a design brand created in Lisbon, Portugal, by architects Hugo Formiga and Teresa Almeida. Inspired by the origami art of folding paper figures, they combine modelling with illumination to design original papercraft lamps.


一開始OWL paperlamps並不是個計劃,只不過是 Hugo 把兩隻自己用紙做的企鵝和貓頭鷹,當作驚喜禮物送給Teresa,但從那開始,他們決定認真發展這個特別的點子。OWL paperlamps的造紙燈具不論是開燈或關燈時,它也同樣好看,照亮家中之餘,更可作家中的裝飾品。有興趣的買家可透過DIY工具包參與設計及製作,完成自己喜歡的作品。

The OWL paperlamps DIY lamp kits offer a wide range of wild animals that can be transformed into volumetric lamps using easy folding steps. As stated by Hugo and Teressa, “whether your OWL paperlamp is lit or turned off, it will certainly be an eye catcher. We invite you to join the process and build your own model, as all OWL paperlamps consist of a DIY kit for you to assemble our designs. We prepare the challenge, you accomplish it.” The latest designs feature huge, endangered mammals.


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