【DesignHubs】攜带式 盲文打字機 • Vrailler

Vrailler designed in USA is a portable tool to print braille. With the 6-dot braille cell composition, no matter what language you speak, you can easily compose braille words and print it out just as it is. Unlike the expensive braille printers, Vrailler is easy to learn, extremely portable and can be used at a fraction of the cost.


Vrailler使用上只需要簡單四個步驟:將打凸用的針頭依需求放置到底座、放上薄膜貼紙、蓋上上蓋、放入 Vrailler 提供的壓力盒來回滾壓 2-3次,非常聰輕鬆!Vrailler重僅 0.66 磅,易於攜帶,可隨時隨地作為標記工具或提醒交流助手,便利視障人士日常生活,或是拉近非視障人士與視障人士的距離!
With four simple steps, everyone can compose braille words. First, the Braille pins is used to create the Braille characters you would like to print. Second, you place the Braille paper on top of the main body after you finish inserting the pins. Then, you insert the locking pins to hold the mechanism in place. Finally, you slide the body in and out of the cube twice to create your label.


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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