【DesignHubs】泰國創意生活品牌 • QUALY

來自泰國的創意生活品牌QUALY,最近推出多項趣味設計產品,一貫其「Living with Style!」的宗旨。
Established in 2004 Thailand, QUALY is a multi-awards winning creative home and living brand, which has won consumers’ hearts thanks to its unique design and the choices of eco-materials. Here comes its latest collection!

Lucky Mouse Trays & Food Container | 老鼠愛大米 米杯及米箱
USD$ 34.99
Tropical Party Kitchenware | 熱帶派對 果叉及攪拌棒
USD 17.99

Quality and durability are not only things that QUALY team is striving for. Hidden messages or/and stories are also constantly placed behind each products to raise collective awareness of environmental issues!

Unicorn Toothpick Holder | 獨角獸 牙籤罐
USD 14.99
Winter Wonder Magnet | 冬季願望 磁鐵
USD 10.99
Tropical Magnet | 熱帶派對 磁鐵
USD 9.99

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