【DesignHubs】碳纖維鉛筆 • CARBONARA

CARBONARA is the first pencil where carbon fiber has a mechanical purpose beyond aesthetics, provided with an innovative system of quick, simple and intuitive placement of the mine.


當你輕按下,當它的兩側被向內壓時會彈出導線,筆內的鉛芯就可以滑出 CARBONARA 鉛筆。雖然操作過程看起來很簡單,背後卻是經過一連串縝密的工程設計與計算,才找到最適按壓力道,另 CARBONARA 變得好用又好寫。
The lightness and the excellent mechanical properties of the material plus the design of the set, achieves a surprising result, resistant but flexible, light and durable, also with a refined aesthetic.


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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