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資源在不同的地方有不同的價值,在偏遠落後的地區,資源、特別是醫療資源是極其珍貴。有見及此,印度公司 LVPEI Center for Innovation為非牟利眼睛保健機構研發低成本驗光筒「Folding Foropter」,大大的簡化了測量視力的繁瑣過程,對醫療資源不足的地區來說是一大福音。
Designed by LVPEI Center for Innovation from India, Folding Foropter is a paper phoropter that requires only folding paper and two lenses, forming two tubes that slide in and out of each other. The user then needs to look at a fixed target through the device and slide the tube to see the target clearly. The device has a simple scale that then gives the approximate refractive power.


「Folding Foropter」,由兩個可滑動的紙盒和一個透鏡組成,驗眼者只要將眼睛對着管筒內的影像,用手將兩管筒拉出拉入,以調節至影像最清晰位置,便可測出視力度數,操作簡易,而且僅有一度的誤差。「Folding Foropter」外形就像色彩繽紛的牙膏盒,扁平的包裝設計方便組合,容易運送到物資匱乏的地區。
Folding Foropter is eco-friendly, low-cost, high quality and easy to use which allows anyone to build their own, especially in the poor neighborhood in the developing countries. Therefore, poor families and children can take the screenings on a regular basis at schools or health centers.

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