【DesignHubs】電子海報• Typified

來自墨爾本初創公司Typified推出一款名為Weather Poster的電子海報,這款海報能夠根據即將到來的天氣來更改顏色的限量版裝飾畫。
Designed by Typified, the Weather Poster is the world’s first updating paper poster. It uses smart ink and a tiny internet connected computer to reflect the day’s changing weather.


Weather Poster可以顯示上午八點、中午十二點、下午四點以及晚上八點四個時間段的天氣情況,每次都可以分配三個圖標形式﹕太陽、陰天以及降雨呈現。海報螢幕使用的是傳統的紙質海報,並使用熱敏墨水,透過連接互聯網得出預測數據。
As the weather forecast changes, so will the ink on the paper. The icons take 5-15 minutes to fully activate and will update throughout the day as needed.


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