【DesignHubs】盆栽骨灰龕 • Planturns

「 Planturns 」的名字是由英文「 plant 」跟「urns 」的合體,顧名思義是一個可放骨灰、亦可種植的「盒子」。設計師是一位偏好木工的女生C.C. Boyce,C.C. 的作品是帶有著層次感的簡約木質工藝。
Planturns is a handmade, modern wooden cremation urns that double as decorative vessels. With a modern design aesthetic, Planturns is designed as a celebration of life by C.C. Boyce, a second generation woodworker.


「 Planturns 」的上層宛如一個悅目的盆栽裝置,把象徵生命的植物作為骨灰龕的裝飾,無形中帶來生命一連的力氣。
The top of the Planturns holds the plant, and the cremains are housed in the bottom. Both parts are secured by extremely strong rare-earth magnets.


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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