【DesignHubs】慳水洗菜籃 • Equilibric

來自美國的 Equilibric 是一款可節省60%用水量的洗菜/果籃。有別於普通的籃,Equilibric 在側邊多了一對轉軸,只需拿起把手旋轉外碗便可將髒水順暢排出,而內層濾網會倚靠食物本身的重力來維持水平,不免在傾倒過程中掉出。
Equilibric is a 3-in-1 colander, defrosting bowl and a serving dish that could save 60% of water while washing. In addition, we will never need to worry about the fruits and veggies to fall off in the sink because this design saves you time and frustration.

Equilibric 以聚丙烯製成,作為解凍碗使用時,外碗可收集融化的水,避免影響到桌面,也能有效免除污染及細菌肆虐。
Equilibric’s ergonomic design keeps the vegetables upright and safe as the water bowl drains the dirty water away, cleaning your foods and keeping your clean items safe from spillage.


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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