【DesignHubs】自我維持盆栽 • Level Scapes

Level Scapes是一個可自我維持的微型玻璃盆栽,旨在提供綠色方案優化生活。Level Scapes設計非常小巧,為你的辦公桌增添了一抹生機勃勃的綠色植物,比盆景或多肉植物更有互動性。
Level Scapes is a stackable micro terrarium that make it easy for anyone to add a bit of nature to your desk. Each terrarium is sealed in a clear box with a removable lid that can be opened to water the plants inside.  

Level Scapes creates an indoor vertical garden on your desk. The sealed box allows water to keep plants hydrated and thriving, as well as to keep your desk clean and plants in an optimal environment.   


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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