【DesignHubs】書頁椅子 • PAGES

來自日本設計公司受書頁啟發的PAGES Chair運用多張不同色彩的柔軟氈子作椅墊和靠背,用家可按照心情或舒適度改變椅子。PAGES Chair調整座椅高度和靠背的微妙過程現在就像在書中翻頁一樣簡單。 簡單的實木椅架及一層層多彩的墊子、配以簡單的翻頁,讓你每天都像是擁有了一把嶄新的椅子,為日常生活增添一絲樂趣。
The PAGES Chair is a colourful adjustable chair that allows you to choose the colors of your chair by flipping the PAGES! The surface of the PAGES Chair is designed to be like a book. In addition, you can easily adjust the seat height and backrest accordingly to your needs by flipping the PAGES.


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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