【DesignHubs】浮動架子 • SHELF

由Vasco Cabral設計的The SHELF是一個可以「浮動」的架子。The SHELF不需要任何工具或組件安裝, 只需將它放在任何表面平坦的牆上、輕輕按壓,就可牢固安裝於牆上。
The SHELF designed by Vasco Cabral is a floating shelf that does not require tools or assembly to mount. You simply place it against any drywall surface and firmly press to mount in one easy motion thanks to its built-in mechanism.


The SHELF可容納30磅的重物,亦可重複安裝幾十次而沒有任何問題。 它共有3種不同的尺寸,適應任何環境。
The SHELF can hold up to 30 pounds and it can be remounted dozens of times without any problems. It comes with 3 different sizes and it can fit into almost any setting


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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