【DesignHubs】單手用餐具 • KNORK

Astrik推出的KNORK 餐具顧名思義是 Knife(刀)和Fork (叉) 的混合體。KNORK集合了兩者的優點,可單手使用、而且可以更穩定、輕易切開食物,同時平衡感令用餐更加舒適。
Designed by Astrik, KNORK Flatware is a combination of knife and fork. Designed for single hand use, KNORK provides highly effective cutting tool without being sharp, contoured handle, and a comfortable finger platform.


新推出的KNORK Eco使用天然環保的竹纖維材料,餐具可保存2年,之後100%分解。KNORK Eco是一款環保且耐用、亦可持續生產的餐具。
The new addition, KNORK Eco is made from plant-based bamboo which is dishwasher safer, compost in 2 years and sustainably made.


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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