【DesignHubs】Be Water • Taijiro Ishiko

Be water! 日籍設計師Taijiro Ishiko將「裂縫」把靜止的物件賜予生命。他以精準的熱鐳射切割「三明治」板材,設定溫度恰好穿過低熔點的表層,而無損中心高熔點低矽膠層——獲得「硬柔並濟結構」之秘密,實現不同程度的延展性。
The Stretch Board, created by Japanese designer Taijiro Ishiko, remains deceptively flat when there’s nothing placed on it. Nevertheless, as soon as you put an object on top, it can warp to the weight and shape of the objects you place on it, which adds an element of dynamism, turning any flat surface into a vessel, preventing items from rolling off. 


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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