【DesignHubs】回憶氣球 • Memory

來自捷克的Brokis燈飾設計公司推出名為「回憶(Memory)」系列的天花板及牆壁燈飾產品。設計師Boris Klimek採用全人手精心打造的蛋白石三重玻璃,配搭繽紛的色彩,讓代表著希望的氣球可以長久的擺放於家中的天花板上做裝飾,持續直到永遠。

The Memory Lighting Collection from Brokis awakens the imagination and beckons back to a carefree childhood. The illusion of inflated balloons is flawless right down to the dangling string, which serves to switch the light on and off. The collection comes in wall and ceiling versions in different sizes and colours.


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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