【DesignHubs】重環再用棉花棒 • LastSwab

來自丹麥的FACO CPH團隊為了保護環境,深入研究棉花棒這不起眼的小東西,推出一款名為 LastSwab 的矽膠棉花棒產品」,估計每支可用上數千次,減少使用一次性的消耗品!LastSwab採用醫療矽膠頭, 擁有絕佳吸水的特性,而每支矽膠棉花棒更有自己專屬的收納盒。另外,LastSwab針對用家不同需要, 提供兩種不同形狀的棉花頭,分別為一般使用及化妝使用。
1.5 billion cotton swabs are produced every single day and the average American uses 415 cotton swabs every year. This is why, a Danish design studio, FACO CPH has launched a reusable cotton swab called LastSwab. The tips of LastSwab are made from silicone which have the resilience to be cleaned thoroughly, enabling long-term use.


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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