【IdeaHubs】日本傳統手藝杯 • Haori Cup

一個國家的文化得以傳承下去,少不了藝術家和設計師的功勞。日本設計師Tomoya Nasuda結合了兩種超過幾百年歷史的日本傳統手工藝:波佐見燒(Hasami Yaki)和博多曲物(Hakata Magemono),推出曲線迷人的「 Haori Cup 」。
Haori Cup is a combination of two traditional Japanese crafts, “Hasami yaki” from Nagasaki and “Hakata Magemono” from Fukuoka. While “Hakata Magemono” woodwork technique allows wood to be bent and fastened into circular and polygonal forms, the “Hasami Yaki” porcelain is made so lightly that the colour of the drink is transmitted a little.


「 Haori Cup 」意指羽織,來自於日本一種名叫“羽織”的布,因外層杯套是將木片兩端相疊固定,就像羽織穿法一般而得其名!
Tomoya Nasuda, designer of Haori Cup, aims to showcase the centuries-old Japanese craft art on the world stage. More importantly, he wants to help the families of craftsmen to sustain themselves and also pass the art down to younger generations!


featured @ estylerhubs
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