【DesignHubs】桌面收納 • DESKAPE

「DESKAPE」是Constella 與Ways of Design合作的成品,是一套極為精緻的桌面收納系列。產品由四部分組成,分別是:數據線收納座、筆筒、名片固定器、以及壓紙塊。「DESKAPE」靈感來自建築,旨在將枯燥的桌子變成一個別致而極簡的工作環境,做工精細,風格一體。
A collaboration between Constella and Ways of Design, DESKAPE is a series of desk organizers designed to bring order to your chaotic workspace, with a focus to find the perfect balance between intuitive usability and ultra-minimal design. Inspired by modern architecture, DESKAPE is designed to turn the boring old desk into a Chic and Minimal work environment


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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