【DesignHubs】3D世界地圖 • EnjoytheWood

由專門採用木材和皮革製作出不同手工作品及配件的烏克蘭品牌Enjoy the Wood推出的「木製立體世界地圖」正正是史上第一個木製立體世界地圖!此地圖以激光切割技術,精準地分割不同「國家」,用上優質木材,外觀簡單而精緻。隨地圖附上的圖釘可以讓你標記着你你曾經到訪過的地方或將來想去探訪的國家。
The world first 3D Wooden World Map is created by Enjoy the Wood, a Ukrainian Family brand which specialises in handcrafted and unique acessories from wood and leather. The 3D Wooden World Map is a high-quality minimalistic 3D wooden map, created with laser-cut precision and love of tender hands. The individual pin that comes with the package allows you to mark all the countries that you have visited or any places that you want to travel in the future! 


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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