【DesignHubs】無限循環套裝 • Nuka

「Nuka」 是由 3名烏克蘭青年設計師 Katya Michalko、Nikita Vladykin以及Eugene Shylo合力創造的一款可以永久使用的鉛筆和筆記本套裝。 「Nuka」 的鉛筆以獨特合金製成,書寫流暢,免去削筆和斷鉛芯的麻煩。而筆記本則以強韌防水的環保質料製造。更重要的是,用家可以通過手機應用程序進行筆記本內容的保存與分享,手機延展了 「Nuka」 的「容量」。
Created by three young entrepreneurs, Katya Michalko, Nikita Vladykin and Eugene Shylo, Nuka is an eternal stationery, which consists of a set of notebook and pen that could last forever! The notebook could be rewritten limitless times and the pen will never run out. More importantly, Nuke can be digitized and synchronized with smart devices; and therefore, your information will be easily retrieved on the cloud and never be lost!


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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