【DesignHubs】iphone 安全套 • Woolnut

Woolnut品牌的誕生源於三位瑞典籍的產品開發及工程設計師對蘋果 (Apple) 產品的熱愛和執著。由2012年開始,Woolnut已成為高級皮革配件品牌的俵俵者。
Woolnut is a Swedish brand founded in 2020 by three friends with backgrounds in design engineering and product development. With the love and passion about Apple product, they have grown the brand into a premium leather accessories brand known for designing high-end leather products primarily for Apple devices.

Woolnut的保護套採用斯堪地納維亞 (Scandinavian) 最好的「全植鞣皮革」精製而成,融合100%天然羊毛,帶來無與倫比的美感。初期使用,Woolnut保護套會感覺略緊,漸漸地達到完美契合。
By blending perfectly together with 100% natural wool, the Woolnut sleeve is crafted from the finest vegetable tanned full-grain leather from Scandinavia. The soft, shock-absorbent and water repellent high-quality wool felt will protect your device through everyday life.


featured @ estylerhubs
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