【IdeaHubs】旅行牙膏牙刷 • FernandoMaldonado

去旅行的時候都會自備牙膏、牙刷,但又因體積和外形問題,總是成為容易忘記的物件。有見及此,設計師 Fernando Maldonado推出了一款旅行牙刷,將牙刷和牙膏設計為一體,用家只要擠壓底部就可以”吱”出牙膏,既方便又快捷!

This travel toothbrush set, designed by Fernando Maldonado, is just the right size for your hand-carry bag. The set not only includes a toothbrush but it also comes with a squeezable compartment that can be fill up with toothpaste. Just the right amount as well!


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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