【DesignHubs】平衡刀 • Balanced Knife

Paul Cohen設計的the Balanced Knife只需通過調節手柄上的按鈕,即可根據自己的偏愛來修改手柄的重量和平衡。該設計採用磁鐵技術調節重量 ,當您向前放置重物時,您可以牢牢抓住劈刀;當您將重物移到刀背時,您可以獲得更堅固的抓地力以進行精確切割。
Designed by Paul Cohen, The Balanced knife employs a unique, and patented, stainless style weight with a magnetic slider. This design allows the weight of the knife to be positioned fore or aft in the handle, providing you with superior control and comfort, and a more efficient workflow. Definitely, it’s a unique and durable tool for the kitchen.


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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