【DesignHubs】咖啡濾杯紅酒杯 • AVENSI

ICOSA Brewhouse團隊與來自世界30 多個國家、90 位咖啡專家合作,並借鑑紅酒杯、烈酒杯設計上的科學及工程學,改良出含最佳的杯型良「AVENSI」。咖啡杯用上雙層玻璃製造隔熱層,為咖啡適度保溫、增強風味,同時為雙手隔熱。「AVENSI」以專利申請設計,集合科學的設計與時尚的外觀,為咖啡放大香氣︴增強風味,讓味蕾更深刻地感受咖啡的醇香。

Designed and manufactured by ICOSA Brewhouse, “AVENSI” is the world’s bes tcoffee enhancing glasses. The revolutionary coffee glassware “AVENSI” combine sscience and engineering, and re-introduces a new design that could possibly keep your coffee hot but your hands cool. The glassware also enhances taste, aroma,and flavor like never before!


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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