【DesignHubs】iPad Pro底座 • MagicDock

「MagicDock」號稱是全球首款專為iPad Pro設計的桌面支架。可調節視覺高度和角度的底座採用了磁力方式來固定iPad,無需安裝。另外,「MagicDock」自帶一個USB-C的接收器,同時,底座後部有豐富的I / O接口,除了USB甚至還提供一個HDMI高清接口和3.5毫米耳機接口。

Designed by Steve Warren, MagicDock is the world’s first desktop docking solution designed specifically for the iPad Pro. It comes with a HDMI port, a single USB-C port, a regular USB 3.0 port, and even a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones or speakers. It’s also compatible with the 11-inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pro models.


featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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