Lego推出最新的高級版,專為建築師及Lego發燒友出版,難度十級,暫推出伯林、紐約及威尼斯系列。 #lego #design for architecture lovers #hkig #estylerhubs

魔境,魔境… / iMirror?

呢個魔境除咗可以上網之外,佢仲係一個selfie相機!Partyroom 可以認真考慮一下!相信可以增加支持者。 This Smart Mirror is a giant smartphone that you can browse the web, listen to the music and go take selfie! #selfie Mirror great #design #hkig #estylerhubs

三合一浴室組合 / All in One Bathroom Design

土地供應不足,浴室越來越細,所以設計師Park Geun將洗手盤、浴缸水龍頭及花灑合為一體,又慳位,又不失霸氣! This award winning product, Daphne designed by Park Geun, has changed the way of how shower, facuet and a handshower should look like!

二合為一 Chopsticks

經過日本公司Nendo重新設計,筷子都變得好潮! Japanese studio, Nendo has redesigned chopsticks – you gotta love this “pair” of chopsticks, no matter you can or cannot use them!

太陽能BBQ / Cooking with the Sun

意大利藉設計師Francesca Lanzavecchia及新加坡藉Hunn Wai設計了這款用太陽光煮食的器材SUNPlace。咁夜晚點煮飯呢? Designer duo, Francesca Lanzavecchia and Hunn Wai, combine a glass lens and outdoor furniture to create this cooking set, SUNPlace. The purpose of the lens is to concentrate sunlights onto the grilling place for cooking!

飛甩老土嘅人造雲石厠具 / Multi-colour Speckles

有冇諗過雲石(人造)浴室可以好型?英藉設計師打造一個富有色彩的厠具,然後放入一個同色彩同物料的浴室裡面! A London company, Dzek, has invited British designer, Max Lam, to create a set of bathroom suite from manmade marble. More significantly, the bathroom suit is installed in an area lined with the same materials and pattern! This collection was found in Mami Basel exhibition.

7個隨意門 / 7 doors concept

日本設計公司Nendo將7個天馬行空的想法變成7個設計。原來門都可以有咁多選擇… Nendo, a famous Japanese Studio, has created a series of concepts to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Abe Kogyo (door specialist). Led by Oki Sato, they have created seven designs and we have selected three of them. Baby door Slide door Wall door

開心 Share! Happy Share DIY ideas

好ideas當然要happy share! 你有會唔會試吓呢? Creative ideas are meant to be shared! Here are a few snapshots of the internet creative ideas. Repost: Facebook

Get your signature scent for Home

香味除了可以幫人relax 之外,仲可以成為你獨特嘅signature scent! 快D用家具品牌Tom Dixion及 Moooi的蠟燭幫屋企扮靚。 Home Design Brands have finally move into the scent business with their collections of candle, fragrance and cosmetic! The leading brands include Moooi and Tom Dixion. By MOOOI By Tom Dixon By Kartell

Fabric x Furniture – Herman Miller

Can you believe they are Herman Miller? The Dutch duo, Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings paired different fabrics with Herman miller furniture, in order to create a unique style