【DesignHubs】專屬洗衣機 • Flexbar

Designed by Efkan Çetin, Flexbar is a friendly, functional yet informative washing machine. The aluminum display bar provides the desired display angle for each user. Three modes are available in the program – standby, active and informative and the program can set with an application. Touch ID ensures personalization and safety – every users can run their own program and children will have no chance playing with it… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】iPad Pro底座 • MagicDock

Designed by Steve Warren, MagicDock is the world’s first desktop docking solution designed specifically for the iPad Pro. It comes with a HDMI port, a single USB-C port, a regular USB 3.0 port, and even a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones or speakers. It’s also compatible with the 11-inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pro models… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】蒸氣飯盒 • Steasy

Designed to be incredibly sleek and streamlined, Steasy is a portable steamer in the size of a standard lunch box. With Steasy we provide time and location independent food warming with best quality… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】哮喘吸入器 • Flohaler

Designed by James Plimmer, Flohaler is a pressurised metered dose inhaler (PMDI) for asthmatics, designed to maintain an optimized inhaler technique over time… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】企鵝煮蛋 • Egguins

Created by Peleg Design. this small colony of penguins will hold up to 6 eggs together in the Arctic winter of your fridge or in the hot springs of your pot. The handle will always stay cool for pulling out safely from the boiling water and comfortable carrying to the table or fridge… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】iWatch • Vegan Apple Watch Bands

Designed by Feramez Durmus, MEZANDO’s “Vegan Apple Watch Bands” is made from Piñatex, a natural leather that alternative made from pineapple leaves. This material is not only sustainable,but it also supports rural communities by working directly with farming cooperatives to create an additional stream of income to pineapple farmers… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】郁動賀卡 • Lalaframe

With passion for product creation and innovative ideas, Lalaframe introduces a modern greeting card that gives you full control to make a card that is truly your own. The “card” consist of a 7″ LCD screen, a speaker, a 512 MB memory card to store content (approximate equal to a 25 minutes video), plus are chargeable battery that will last between 30-60 minutes per (constant) use… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】高跟襪 • Aftersocks™

Aftersocks™ is the solution to almost every woman on the planet who loves high-heel but could not bear the achy feet. Aftersocks™ is a slip on socks with an underside constructed from PVC and extra soft layers. Slipping on Aftersocks™ after a long night, you can forget your beautiful high heel but still keep you in style… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】咖啡濾杯紅酒杯 • AVENSI

Designed and manufactured by ICOSA Brewhouse, “AVENSI” is the world’s bestcoffee enhancing glasses. The revolutionary coffee glassware “AVENSI” combinesscience and engineering, and re-introduces a new design that could possibly keepyour coffee hot but your hands cool. The glassware also enhances taste, aroma,and flavor like never before… Click to Read More