【DesignHubs】彈性書架 • Chuck

The conceptual bookshelf, Chuck, is a unique wall shelf that stands out due to its changeability. Created by German designer Natascha Harra Frischkorn, Chuck consists…Click to read more

【DesignHubs】不規則座椅 • Les Angles

Created by smarin, a French design studio, the Les Angles collection is a set of geometric cushions which can easily fit together to transform in art-form or seating-space for…Click to Read more

【DesignHubs】COCO • KINNEY

The COCO desk and KINNEY Wall are the new expansion to LA-based MASHstudios ready-made office furniture line…Click to read more

【DesignHubs】磁石天花 • Mesh

The mesh ceiling system is a successful collaboration between MNML and TURF. Design team from MNML provides high fidelity visualization expertise to TURF; likewise…Click to read more

【DesignHubs】城市模型 • Microscape

Microscape began as a collaboration between two architects, William Ngo and Alan Silverman, in Manhattan New York, where they combined two decades of experience in digital modeling, photogrammetry, product design and 3D printing into these 1:5000 scale Manhattan Collection city model and the newly launched Chicago Collection…Click to read more!

【InteriorHubs】牆垣 • The Walled

位於揚州西湖附近的揚州青普瘦西湖文化行館是一家包含20間客房的精品度假酒店,由於場地各處散佈著小湖泊和一些現有的建築,對如恩來說是一個頗有挑戰的項目…Situated in close proximity to Yangzhou’s scenic Slender West Lake and surrounded by small lakes and a handful of existing structures, this 20-room boutique hotel, Tsingpu Yangzhou Retreat, was a challenging project to Neri & Hu…

【EventHubs】展覽 • Foster + Partner

全球知名的設計事務所Foster + Partners將於2月8日在加拿大蒙特利爾的UQAM Centre de Design舉行一場世界矚目的展覽 – Fostering Society: Foster + Partners…The internationally renowned integrated design firm Foster + Partners opens one of the most ambitious exhibitions, Fostering Society: Foster + Partners, at the UQAM Centre de Design, Montreal, Canada on 8 February…

【InteriorHubs】高地段、高質素豪宅 • OneManhattanSquare

當你以為紐約是全球擁有最高呎價最貴豪宅的集中地, 其實只要港幣不到1000萬你已經可以在全球數一數二最高級地段擁有奢華設計的單位。 Ownership at One Manhattan Square starts at US$1.17 million, and promises you the most dramatic view, with gracious layouts and finest finishes. 這個現代化的玻璃住宅大樓,One Manhattan Square(曼哈頓廣場一號),擁有超過一英畝的室外花園。環繞整棟建築的將是精心修剪的花園,可通過一條漆樹成排的蜿蜒小徑到達,為居民提供無數方式來探索私家樺樹花園、社交庭院和休閒區域。 This modern glass residential tower will have over an acre of exterior garden space, with a range of meaningful garden retreats for residents to relax, work, socialize and…