【IdeaHubs】旅行牙膏牙刷 • FernandoMaldonado

s travel toothbrush set, designed by Fernando Maldonado, is just the right size for your hand-carry bag. The set not only includes a toothbrush but it also comes with a squeezable compartment that can be fill up with toothpaste. Just the right amount as well… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】慳水洗菜籃 • Equilibric

Equilibric is a 3-in-1 colander, defrosting bowl and a serving dish that could save 60% of water while washing. In addition, we will never need to worry about the fruits and veggies to fall off in the sink because this design saves you time and frustration… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】音頻玩具 • TIMIO

Created by a father, TIMIO is a patented educational audio toy and music player that offers quality sound, interactivity, and content to help develop your child’s vocabulary, intellect, and imagination… Click to read more

【DesignHubs】電子海報• Typified

Designed by Typified, the Weather Poster is the world’s first updating paper poster. It uses smart ink and a tiny internet connected computer to reflect the day’s changing weather… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】環保牙刷 • biobrush

人人都講環保,但又有幾多人做到?來自德國柏林,2017年紅點 (Red Dot Awards)最佳設計獎得主biobrush牙刷就是最好例子。Following a holistic and sustainable concept, the award-winning, biobrush’s design focuses on a simple shape but stands out with its monochrome colour. 

【DesignHubs】家居家品 • Xivestory Design

韓國除了家品面膜出名外,原來亦有另一款備受人氣的蝸牛,而它就是Xivestory Design設計的可愛蝸牛造型家品…
In Korea, you cannot only find hydro-gel mask with snail ingredient, but thanks to Xivestory Design, you can also find a collection of household products shaped like a snail…

【DesignHubs】雨中淋浴 ● Nebia

Nebia 團隊為了改變人們對水的核心信念,希望我們能夠更珍惜這寶貴的資源,並創造更好的淋浴體驗。Nebia 花灑採用了專利的H2MICRO™技術,優化噴頭的每一個環節,可以將水霧化成數以百萬計的水滴,比起普通的沐浴花灑,它所噴灑出來的水面積要超過十倍以上,意味著水會有更多與身體接觸的機會。 最新的Nebia 低流量淋浴系統證明,環保並不一定需要犧牲。由於Nebia 花灑使用了計算流體動力學的軟體,比普通花灑創造10倍以上的表面積,噴灑出來的水滴相當細小,它反而會比一般的家用花灑要多節省70%左右的水。

[Designhubs] 平凡●不平凡

宜家傢俬的概念大致上與無印相同,也是將最平凡的物件變得不平凡。 有一班外國設計師專門upgrade宜家出品的傢俬,製造用家獨一無二的宜家品牌。 網誌:http://www.ikeahackers.net/ Great #design from #ikea hackers #hkig #estylerhubs #designhubs