【DesignHubs】冰山枱燈 • Iceberg

A Brooklyn-based artist, Hannah Fink transforms an iceberg into a table lamp, which of course will never disappear, even though global warming is happening… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】書頁椅子 • PAGES

The PAGES Chair is a colourful adjustable chair that allows you to choose the colors of your chair by flipping the PAGES! The surface of the PAGES Chair is designed to be like a book. In addition, you can easily adjust the seat height and backrest accordingly to your needs by flipping the PAGES… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】掛牆天空 • DUSK

由DesignNest支持,DUSK是一個簡單但構思精密的掛牆鐘,可以根據時間改變顏色… Supported by DesignNest, DUSK is a simple yet sophisticated clock that changes shades depending on the time of the day…

【DesignHubs】日出 ● The Mirro

當你以為The Mirro係串錯字的鏡子,原來佢係一個紙巾盒。The Mirro (要重申係無r) 適用于任何尺寸的紙巾,冷冷的外表,有著暖暖的內籠。。。無錯,因為佢係會發光的!柔柔的光線從紙巾盒裡漸漸散出,就好似朝早的陽光,像畫一樣,詩意極濃。 The Mirro | Facebook page -> Facebook