【DesignHubs】紙藝驗眼 • Folding Foropter

Designed by LVPEI Center for Innovation from India, Folding Foropter is a paper phoropter that requires only folding paper and two lenses, forming two tubes that slide in and out of each other. The user then needs to look… Click to Read More

【InteriorHubs】虹橋天地演藝與展覽中心 • Neri&Hu

引用《城市意象》的一番話: “城市中的移動元素,特別是人以及人的活動,和城市中的固定元素一樣重要。除了簡單地觀察之外,我們和其他的元素一樣,也是這城市景觀的一部分” A quotation from Kevin Lynch, The Image of the City, said “Moving elements in a city, and in particular the people and their activities, are as important as the stationary physical parts. We are not simply observers of this spectacle, but are ourselves a part of it, on the stage with the other participants.”