【IdeaHubs】3D Printed食物 • Food

A graduate of Eindhoven University of Technology, Elzelinde van Doleweerd teamed up with a China-based 3D Food Company founded by Leandro Rolon and David Doepel to create food…Click to Read more

【DesignHubs】顛覆茶具 • T_Flip

T_Flip is the unconventional teaware that helps everyone make and explore loose leaf tea in a simple yet traditional way. Loose leaf tea gives more of everything…Click to read more

【InteriorHubs】牆垣 • The Walled

位於揚州西湖附近的揚州青普瘦西湖文化行館是一家包含20間客房的精品度假酒店,由於場地各處散佈著小湖泊和一些現有的建築,對如恩來說是一個頗有挑戰的項目…Situated in close proximity to Yangzhou’s scenic Slender West Lake and surrounded by small lakes and a handful of existing structures, this 20-room boutique hotel, Tsingpu Yangzhou Retreat, was a challenging project to Neri & Hu…