【DesignHubs】咖啡濾杯紅酒杯 • AVENSI

Designed and manufactured by ICOSA Brewhouse, “AVENSI” is the world’s bestcoffee enhancing glasses. The revolutionary coffee glassware “AVENSI” combinesscience and engineering, and re-introduces a new design that could possibly keepyour coffee hot but your hands cool. The glassware also enhances taste, aroma,and flavor like never before… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】流動攪拌機 • Portable Blender

Designed by Second White from Seoul Korea, this beautiful “Portable Blender” aims to create the balance between functionality and aesthetic… Click to read more

【DesignHubs】瞬間降溫 • CupCooler|Instant|

The CupCooler |Instant|安裝亦非常簡單,只要插上電源、一按便立即令裝置表面溫度降低18度,確保飲料的溫度丶味道不變… The CupCooler |Instant| is easy to use and no complicated preparation is needed. The device is compatible with most cup-sizes, or simply pour the drinks into the aluminum cup…

【DesignHubs】環保咖啡杯 ● KeepCup

【DesignHubs】環保咖啡杯 ● KeepCup 有人話澳洲係咖啡之都,estyler hubs 就覺得澳洲 不但係公平貿易咖啡的提倡國之一,最重要係澳洲人熱愛環保,真心希望飲咖啡變成一件環保一部分,將佢融入生活。 KeepCup 的誕生係因為一間本土咖啡店發現每日不斷浪費紙杯及製造不必要的廢物,所以決定尋找可用性及美觀度極高的設計,終於創造了KeepCup ,還將它發揚光大,帶到北美及歐洲等地區! Source: KeepCup (最新的Star War Edition)