【DesignHubs】單手用餐具 • KNORK

Designed by Astrik, KNORK Flatware is a combination of knife and fork. Designed for single hand use, KNORK provides highly effective cutting tool without being sharp, contoured handle, and a comfortable finger platform. The new addition, KNORK Eco is made from plant-based bamboo which is dishwasher safer, compost in 2 years and sustainably made… Click to read more

【DesignHubs】泰國創意生活品牌 • QUALY

Established in 2004 Thailand, QUALY is a multi-awards winning creative home and living brand, which has won consumers’ hearts thanks to its unique design and the choices of eco-materials. Here comes its latest collection… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】白金矽膠食物容器 • Zip Top

Zip Top is one of the most innovative yet functional “It” items of 2018. Made of 100% platinum silicon, Zip Top is a reusable container that will change the way you store, cook and even eat our food… Click to read more

【DesignHubs】垃圾轉換器 • FoodCycler

當你以為不做大嘥鬼就可以減少浪費,其實每一餐的廚餘都製造了不少垃圾。有見及此,FoodCycle Science公司推出了這部只有一立方大小的家用垃圾轉換器The FoodCycler,它可以在3小時內將廚餘垃圾除菌丶除味,並風乾成家用肥料。 The FoodCycler does not only help beautifying your garden, but also doing something good to our planet. With no water, chemicals, venting or draining and within three hours, you will get your organic residual that is a nutrient rich soil amendment and scientifically proven for optimal vegetation growth. 雖然一部售價美元499(早鳥優惠美元399),但長遠來說可減輕未來政府將徵收的垃圾費,既可慳錢、又可減廢,何樂而不為! Although the FoodCycler…

【DesignHubs】靈活椅子 ● Revés Chair

西班牙公司Muka Design Lab在2014年推出的Revés Chair獲取2015年Red Dot大獎,人氣一直爆燈。設計用上木材及挺身布料,使椅背可以任意調校,十分靈活。工作時可將軟墊向上拉,休息是可將放下,照顧不同需要。 不但椅子是用上當地木材,木匠也是來自西班牙北部,而軟墊是出自廠家Gabriel的環保布料。  


當你以為The Great Gatsby湖旁的大屋係你嘅dream house,Giancarlo Zema 設計團隊令水中央生活唔再係電影裡的情節。呢個識得浮嘅Water Nest 100係一個環保屋,大部份的結構都係用回收物料造成。絕對係一流的概念! #ecofriendly house build & #design by #GiancarloZema Group – The Water Nest 100 in #london #estylerhubs