【DesignHubs】高跟襪 • Aftersocks™

Aftersocks™ is the solution to almost every woman on the planet who loves high-heel but could not bear the achy feet. Aftersocks™ is a slip on socks with an underside constructed from PVC and extra soft layers. Slipping on Aftersocks™ after a long night, you can forget your beautiful high heel but still keep you in style… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】閃燈背囊 • NEBULITE

NEBULITE collection is the world first illuminated festival bags! Smart features include 16,581,374 colour choice, theft protection, group sync, and build-in long-range ranger radio for communications. Of course, it comes with a smartphone APP and you can control everything with your phone. With NEBULITE, you will never lose your friends again at the Festival… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】家用健身器材 • WEELA

WEELA is an effective, compact and stylish home gym paired with a personal trainer APP for exercising anytime! This multifunctional home gym is only weighted 15kg and allows you to lose weight, get fit… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】Origamei • dress

The Origamei is a patented foldable dress for any on the go women. The compact dress is not only wrinkle resistant which means no iron…Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】沙灘椅x背包 • Voyage Chair

夏日炎炎,最好就是去沙灘曬太陽。點可以自備沙灘椅而又不失霸氣? 來自美國Sondre Travel 團隊設計的背包式沙灘椅 Voyage Chair,不同於一般的沙灘椅,不但可以摺疊成背包,方便攜帶,沙灘椅的靠背及枕頭亦有多個口袋,放置東西。當你以為可裝置手機充電器、飲料的小口袋已經是十分貼心的設計,那你就大錯特錯﹗其實它還有一個很有用的小設計,只要拉開椅子後面的掛杆,就能晾曬游泳浴巾。 The Voyage Chair from Sondre Travel is the beach chair completely reimagined. The custom printed fabric not only allows the Voyage Chair to stand out against the crowd, but it also comes with padded shoulder straps and compartment & mesh pocket as a functional backpack. 雖然The Voyage Chair是摺疊沙灘椅,但採用的物料品質卻一點也不馬乎,面料採用高級定製的 600D…

【InteriorHubs】Topshop • Splash! VR Campaign

YourStudio替Topshop於倫敦旗艦店打造的櫥窗設計剛獲得2018年度FRAME Window Display of the Year大獎…Topshop Splash! Campaign, created by YourStudio, has just recognised by Frame as Window Display of the Year…

【DesignHubs】紙銀包 • Micro Wallet

用上Tybek材料,Micro Wallet是一種可回收的材料所製成的,絕對是100%環保錢包…Fashioned out of Tybek, the Micro Wallet is smaller,slimmer and stronger than any other paper wallets…

【DesignHubs】發光衣架 • Luminous Hanger

Sam Antiqechian設計的發光衣架,在漆黑的衣櫃裏發出一道光芒,令用家可以簡簡單單地找尋衣服…Designed by Sam Antiqechian, the Luminous Hanger brightens up the dark closet without installing extra light fixture…

【DesignHubs】1袋4用 • Flip

每次女士出街的時候都要花上很多時間決定用上大袋定少袋,有時只需帶銀包、有時又要攜帶手提電腦。 最終,一包二包,永遠沒有一個適合不同需要的時尚手袋。有見及此,allocacoc設計了一個非常獨特、可以一款四用的手袋 – Flip。 Do you ever feel like that whenever you are out, you always need to repack your bag to adapt your needs? If so, Flip is for you! Design firm, allocacoc, creates this unique bag which allows the bag to adjust and not you to the bag! 憑藉可調整的寬帶,Flip可折疊成更大或更小的尺寸,變成背包、購物袋、側揹袋及晚宴包。 Flip還有一個特別元素,就是嵌入式磁鐵,只要將Flip折疊成一個側揹袋或側揹袋,並將磁石保持在合適位置就可鎖實,從今以後就可以一個袋走天涯。 With its integrated…

【DesignHubs】不是紙袋 ● The reversible cabas

環保係每個人的終身職責,有人選擇清潔海灘、有人選擇減廢,屬於bb班的我會選擇用環保袋。不過很多時候一邊揹手袋、另一邊揹環保袋,也十分麻煩。可惜環保袋的外觀往往有很多進步空間,不能單獨使用。 COUPLE D’IDÉES推出的The reversible cabas將會解決此問題!獨特的TYVEK物料(high-density polyethylene fiber)令袋的設計不但外觀時尚,而且耐用,重量只有125克,比蘋果還要輕。 關於 COUPLE D’IDÉES Diane Parenteau與Arto Dokouzian在傳播和出版界打滾多年,並於2010年成立了COUPLE D’IDÉES,研發出享負盛名的The Paper Collection,旨在推動及刺激創造力。The Paper Collection在加拿大、美國和歐洲的博物館、設計及生活時尚精品店銷售。除此以外,COUPLE D’IDÉES也參加了不同的展覽和研討會,而設計獨特的A Bag & Accessories系列最近亦加入到這個大家庭。 官網: www.coupledidees.com