【DesignHubs】慳水洗菜籃 • Equilibric

Equilibric is a 3-in-1 colander, defrosting bowl and a serving dish that could save 60% of water while washing. In addition, we will never need to worry about the fruits and veggies to fall off in the sink because this design saves you time and frustration… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】電子海報• Typified

Designed by Typified, the Weather Poster is the world’s first updating paper poster. It uses smart ink and a tiny internet connected computer to reflect the day’s changing weather… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】紙板床 • Pro Idee

The Paper Bed by Pro Idee is an extendable bed with accordion folding. Made of corrugated cardboard, the Paper Bed is extremely stable, yet relatively light (14.5kg). Together with the comfortable foldable cushion, the Paper Bed can transform into armchair or bench and carry up to 300kg… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】動物緣 • MYZOO

MYZOO is a pet furniture design studio from Taiwan. MYZOO is not an ordinary pet furniture brand; its furniture aims to bring the relationship between humans and animals closer together. The design teams have a passion for understanding what the pets’needs and they use the perspective of the pets to design their products… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】百葉窗家具 • Louver

Louver系列是由來自韓國首爾設計室1/plinth推出的工業風傢私。系列包括櫥櫃、置物架、書桌、桌子、矮桌、座椅、坐凳以及長椅等8款產品,全部採用鋁製百葉窗和鋁製擠壓框架製作而成,突出材料未經處理的粗糙感,通過獨特視角對現有工業材料加以利用的效果。 Created by 1/plinth from Seoul, Korea, Louver series began with an idea of utilizing existing industrial material with a different perspective. The collections include a table, chair, stool, bench, low table, desk, cabinet and shelf; all made of aluminum louver and an aluminum extrusion frame. The designers focused on aluminum raw aesthetics, features, and…

【DesignHubs】不規則座椅 • Les Angles

Created by smarin, a French design studio, the Les Angles collection is a set of geometric cushions which can easily fit together to transform in art-form or seating-space for…Click to Read more

【DesignHubs】冥想坐墊 • UNDO

喜愛冥想的設計師Jordan Diatlo設計出UNDO一款專門用於冥想的坐墊,UNDO坐墊符合人體工學設計,適合不同體型,讓…designer Jordan Diatlo has created the UNDO meditation cushion which is designed to put the body into an ergonomic position, so…Click to read more

【DesignHubs】繃帶椅 • Seatbelt Chair

電影飢餓遊戲中出現過的繃帶椅,終於可以在香港購買了! 雖然在電影出現的系列是由一間美國公司引入荷里活,香港公司The Harper聯絡了於泰國生產繃帶椅的製造商…ave you noticed the chairs wrapped in cotton belt that were featured in Hunger Games? It is now available in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China! A Hong Kong based trading company, The Harper, has contacted the manufacturer of Seatbelt chair in Thailand…

[Designhubs] 鍍鋅傢俬 • Galvanii

好的設計永不過時,但是好的質料可以百世流芳。 泰國新晉傢俬品牌Galvanii將平時用來製作外牆水管的鍍鋅鋼鐵打造成新穎傢俬,設計獨特。 Good design will never go out of style, but good material will last a lifetime! Galvanii, the upcoming Thai furniture brand, transfers hardwearing galvanised steel into unique furniture pieces.   鋅經熱浸鍍膜處理後, 可承受重物、熱力,不但耐用,而且用上100%環保物料,增加産品的可持續性。 At Galvanii, a natural substance, zinc, is used in the hot-dip galvanisation process, which resulting in galvanised steel furniture. By using…

【DesignHubs】好好摺紙凳 ● Spiral Stool

Miso Soup Design,雖然與味噌湯無關,但公司創辦人是來自日本的Daisuke Nagatomo先生,加上來自台灣的Minnie Jan小姐。設計融入環保及實用風格,令産品更耐用。 今次介紹的是剛榮獲A’Design Award的好好摺紙凳(Spiral Stool),一張用瓦楞紙製成的椅子,任意翻轉,創造不同形狀。當光線照上好好摺紙凳的平面時,獨特的分割面,把光的角度隨意變化,效果不一。