【DesignHubs】彈性書架 • Chuck

The conceptual bookshelf, Chuck, is a unique wall shelf that stands out due to its changeability. Created by German designer Natascha Harra Frischkorn, Chuck consists…Click to read more

【DesignHubs】電線復修筆 • BLUFIXX

Are you sick of broken cable? Or are you tired of throwing away your expensive iPhone lighting-C headphone? BLUFIXX is your solution…Click to read more

【DesignHubs】環保牙刷 • biobrush

人人都講環保,但又有幾多人做到?來自德國柏林,2017年紅點 (Red Dot Awards)最佳設計獎得主biobrush牙刷就是最好例子。Following a holistic and sustainable concept, the award-winning, biobrush’s design focuses on a simple shape but stands out with its monochrome colour.