【DesignHubs】太陽能燈籠 • QWNN

Based on the love of a mother, QWNN is a beautiful, origami-influenced design solar light, which harmlessly providing clean sustainable light and power to those who need them most… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】白金矽膠食物容器 • Zip Top

Zip Top is one of the most innovative yet functional “It” items of 2018. Made of 100% platinum silicon, Zip Top is a reusable container that will change the way you store, cook and even eat our food… Click to read more

【DesignHubs】垃圾轉換器 • FoodCycler

當你以為不做大嘥鬼就可以減少浪費,其實每一餐的廚餘都製造了不少垃圾。有見及此,FoodCycle Science公司推出了這部只有一立方大小的家用垃圾轉換器The FoodCycler,它可以在3小時內將廚餘垃圾除菌丶除味,並風乾成家用肥料。 The FoodCycler does not only help beautifying your garden, but also doing something good to our planet. With no water, chemicals, venting or draining and within three hours, you will get your organic residual that is a nutrient rich soil amendment and scientifically proven for optimal vegetation growth. 雖然一部售價美元499(早鳥優惠美元399),但長遠來說可減輕未來政府將徵收的垃圾費,既可慳錢、又可減廢,何樂而不為! Although the FoodCycler…

【DesignHubs】水晶洗碗機 • Tetra

剛在拉斯維加斯CES發佈的Tetra洗碗機,正正解決空間丶環保丶細家庭的現實問題…Tetra is an internet connected countertop dishwasher and it requires no plumbing and can be used anywhere with a standard electrical outlet…

【DesignHubs】針織梳化 • NEST

冷冷的天氣最適合留在家中蓋上厚厚的針織棉被,懶洋洋地度過一天…We love Zilalila’s NEST knitted beanbag chair, not only because of its high quality handicraft techniques…

【DesignHubs】不是紙袋 ● The reversible cabas

環保係每個人的終身職責,有人選擇清潔海灘、有人選擇減廢,屬於bb班的我會選擇用環保袋。不過很多時候一邊揹手袋、另一邊揹環保袋,也十分麻煩。可惜環保袋的外觀往往有很多進步空間,不能單獨使用。 COUPLE D’IDÉES推出的The reversible cabas將會解決此問題!獨特的TYVEK物料(high-density polyethylene fiber)令袋的設計不但外觀時尚,而且耐用,重量只有125克,比蘋果還要輕。 關於 COUPLE D’IDÉES Diane Parenteau與Arto Dokouzian在傳播和出版界打滾多年,並於2010年成立了COUPLE D’IDÉES,研發出享負盛名的The Paper Collection,旨在推動及刺激創造力。The Paper Collection在加拿大、美國和歐洲的博物館、設計及生活時尚精品店銷售。除此以外,COUPLE D’IDÉES也參加了不同的展覽和研討會,而設計獨特的A Bag & Accessories系列最近亦加入到這個大家庭。 官網: www.coupledidees.com