【DesignHubs】磁石天花 • Mesh

The mesh ceiling system is a successful collaboration between MNML and TURF. Design team from MNML provides high fidelity visualization expertise to TURF; likewise…Click to read more

【DesignHubs】智能工作枱 • EGET

EGET is an innovative workspace adapted to new habits and the use of new technology. In other words, EGET is a piece of furniture which can be adapted to the demands of users through light, storage, sound and…Click to read more

【DesignHubs】冥想坐墊 • UNDO

喜愛冥想的設計師Jordan Diatlo設計出UNDO一款專門用於冥想的坐墊,UNDO坐墊符合人體工學設計,適合不同體型,讓…designer Jordan Diatlo has created the UNDO meditation cushion which is designed to put the body into an ergonomic position, so…Click to read more

【DesignHubs】智能香薰機 • ScenteeMachina

於15小時內已籌集200萬日元目標金額的智能香薰機,Scentee Machina可以學習並分析用戶喜好,務求調整最適合用戶的個人香氣…The Scentee Machina, the proclaimed smartest AI room diffuser yet, has reached the target goal of 2 million Yen in 15 hours…

【DesignHubs】遺言 • LastWord

LastWord是一個有彈性的書韱帶,附在帶上的金屬標籤可以停留在最後一個字上…LastWord design by PQ Design Studio, is a versatile bookmark that enables you…

【DesignHubs】掛牆天空 • DUSK

由DesignNest支持,DUSK是一個簡單但構思精密的掛牆鐘,可以根據時間改變顏色… Supported by DesignNest, DUSK is a simple yet sophisticated clock that changes shades depending on the time of the day…

【DesignHubs】瑪麗的花瓶 • Mary’s Vase

Mary的朋友暨品牌Kokili創辦人So Jung Lee和Gregory Walker設計了這系列的掛牆式花瓶,命名Mary’s Vase…nspired by Mary, a common friend of Kokili’s founders – So Jung Lee and Gregory Walker, the Mary’s Vase is a simple yet beautiful wall hung vase…