【DesignHubs】鑽石冰塊 • Jewel Ice

Designed by a group of whisky drinkers, the Jewel Ice is the simplest way to keep your beverages cold without diluting the taste. The 530-carats diamond shaped mold offers…Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】瞬間降溫 • CupCooler|Instant|

The CupCooler |Instant|安裝亦非常簡單,只要插上電源、一按便立即令裝置表面溫度降低18度,確保飲料的溫度丶味道不變… The CupCooler |Instant| is easy to use and no complicated preparation is needed. The device is compatible with most cup-sizes, or simply pour the drinks into the aluminum cup…

【DesignHubs】原汁原味凍咖啡 ● HyperChiller

高質的咖啡豆、咖啡粉需要經過剛好的熱水, 才可抽出豆的風味。然而一杯凍咖啡,不論豆有多好,水温有多適合,只要加了冰塊,味道己不一樣。 正進行專利審批中的HyperChiller,可以將熱咖啡瞬間變成凍咖啡。HyperChiller共有三層,將水加入外層,把其他二層扣上,整個放入冰箱,當有需要時只要從杯蓋放入熱飲,即可變凍飲,每次可用二次。 好的咖啡,一杯難求;原汁原味的凍咖啡,更是萬中無一。