【DesignHubs】智能餐盤 • Eatense

ense is the world’s first customizable plate that allow users to create their very own personalized plate with a smartphone app. Equipped with a digital display, users can turn a simple plate into a one-of-a-kind work of art using designs, photos, and videos from their phone… Click to read more

【DesignHubs】泰國創意生活品牌 • QUALY

Established in 2004 Thailand, QUALY is a multi-awards winning creative home and living brand, which has won consumers’ hearts thanks to its unique design and the choices of eco-materials. Here comes its latest collection… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】Oryza 環保 ● 隨身碟

環保係大議題,所以品牌公司Creativeans亦在2016年度米蘭展推出食品用具環保概念,名為Oryza。 產品原理簡單,利用日本摺紙方法,創造出可隨身帶著的食物碟,又方便、亦環保! Great #eco plate #design by #Creativeans — #oryza inspired by #Japanese #origami #estylerhubs