【DesignHubs】盆栽骨灰龕 • Planturns

Planturns is a handmade, modern wooden cremation urns that double as decorative vessels. With a modern design aesthetic, Planturns is designed as a celebration of life by C.C. Boyce, a second generation woodworker… Click to read more

【DesignHubs】Origamei • dress

The Origamei is a patented foldable dress for any on the go women. The compact dress is not only wrinkle resistant which means no iron…Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】Today ● ThePresent

得獎設計師Scott Thrift於2011年推出可能係世界上第一個以年份作單位的鐘,名為ThePresent。希望用家可以放慢生活,享受當下。Scott Thrift用上不同顔色區分不同季節,隨著不同月份顯示不同色彩:紫色代表冬天、綠色代表春天、黃色代表夏天及紅色代表秋天。 (ThePresent) 今年,Scott Thrift再度推出第二款系列以一日為單位,命名Today。相比之下,當然Today會較ThePresent轉快,但它俾傳統時鐘較慢、平静,一圈一日,活在當下。 (Today) (Today 5″ 座檯鐘) (Today 11″ 掛鐘) (Today 11″ 掛鐘 – 玻璃及鋼) Today現正在Kickstarter發售 (已集資成功)。